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Sustainability and Social Commitment

We live in a complex global environment with ever increasing ecological and economical challenges. Although small individual efforts may not make a big impact directly, we are determined to contribute our part to the common good. We do so by committing to integrate sustainability and social responsibility into our daily operations.

Sustainability accompanies every aspect of our solutions, prioritizing the efficient utilization of resources. This includes optimization of energy consumption, processing workloads, memory utilization and bandwidth consumption. Also part of our strategy is the reduction of non-essential business trips. And in cases where such trips cannot be avoided, we seek methods to mitigate their environmental repercussions.

Through the constant promotion of sustainability and social engagement, we, alongside our clients and employees, can provide a subtle yet meaningful contribution to the well-being of society and our planet. Ultimately, it is these cumulative steps that guide us towards an improved, ecologically sustainable future.

Sustainability on our Projects

As a consultant company in the purchasing sector, an important objective of our business is to show every customer how to improve the sustainability of their procurement processes and to advise them accordingly. In addition to widespread solutions by SAP, we also consider and evaluate other third-party systems and solutions in our consulting, not only advising but also helping with their integration.

Overall, we strive to help our customers reducing their environmental footprint and working together on improving our common future.