Cost Savings and Increased Efficiency

One of the key benefits of source-to-contract is the ability to identify and achieve cost savings and efficiency gains. SAP Ariba, a cloud-based procurement solution from SAP, helps companies automate their S2C processes, from supplier sourcing to contracts. SAP Ariba's integration with SAP S/4HANA enables seamless collaboration between all procurement processes and finance, saving companies time and resources while reducing human errors and delays.

Improved Supplier Relations

Source-to-contract enables the development of strong, long-term relationships with suppliers. SAP Ariba supplier management facilitates collaboration between companies and suppliers through a central platform for communication and performance evaluation, including synchronization across all necessary purchasing applications. This integration of SAP Ariba solutions and SAP S/4HANA enables better visibility and analysis of supplier data, allowing companies to take focused action to improve collaboration.