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We are asbrucon

Your seamless procurement journey starts here.

We guide you on your journey to bring your procurement processes to new horizons. Starting by assessing your processes we identify best of breed solutions matching your needs and integrate these in your existing landscape and processes.

Together, let's take your procurement process to the next level.

At asbrucon, we provide assistance to companies looking to step into the digital future. The world is changing at a rapid pace and it's essential for businesses to adapt their business models to stay competitive. As your trusted partner, we offer support to help you overcome all challenges of innovative and digital transformation.

We understand that companies are constantly searching for unique ways to optimize their on-premise and cloud strategies and our consulting services can help you achieve that goal. Our approach focuses on creating value for your business while managing potential risks effectively. We know that time is essential, which is why we offer modular solutions to ensure short ROI times.

Our Vision

Our primary goal is to finish every customer project with complete satisfaction and highest quality, because this is our definition of success. 

We believe, that this can only be achieved with highly motivated and satisfied employees. Therefore, asbrucon offers benefits like flexible working hours and vacation policies, a collegial and welcoming working environment and the encouragement to contribute ideas and improvements at any time by anyone.

Our vision in the area of procurement is having transparent and efficient processes from the supplier to the warehouse. To make this possible, we advise and support you to bring all your systems and data together, enabling you to focus on things that really matter and keep your business running around the clock.

Our Corporate Culture

We place great value on open, transparent and efficient communication across the whole company - keeping ways short. In order to strengthen engagement, we enable and encourage our colleagues to take over responsibilities in their products and services right from the start.

Each of our employees is an important part of the company and makes an essential and indispensable contribution to the realization of our customer's requirements. To emphasize this, we address each other on first-name basis and and treat each other with respect - regardless of age, gender or origin.

In the end, our employees are what makes asbrucon different and unique and are also the key to our customer's success.