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Spend Management

Value generation within an enterprise is fundamentally rooted in the efficiency of its business processes. To ensure market viability, it is crucial for organizations to relentlessly optimize these processes. At asbrucon, leveraging our extensive experience, we collaborate with you in analyzing and refining your processes, co-developing streamlined processes that boost the value creation in procurement activities.


The Business Technology Platform provided by SAP offers a stable foundation for a cost-effective way to extend and enhance your existing applications and processes. asbrucon assists you in selecting, configuring, integrating and developing the best cloud solutions for your business requirements. This enables you to move to the future step by step, at your own pace.


Modern E2E processes involve different systems and services across a heterogeneous landscape. In order to orchestrate your processes a reliable integration layer is needed to glue everything together. asbrucon provides consulting and technical assistance in setting up, operating and extending your integration flows. We are at your side to find the right solution for your integration needs.


asbrucon serves as your professional implementation partner, adept at converting your conceptual blueprints into high-quality code. Our claim is not only to deliver operational code. Going one step further, we harness modern software development methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to incorporate all facets necessary for the creation of robust, timeless software solutions.